Privacy Policy

Effective Date: February 04, 2024

Utilizing Misaeng USA's services for your home-related needs—whether it’s for finding, purchasing, renting, or selling property, obtaining a mortgage, or connecting with a real estate professional—means placing your trust in us with your information. We recognize the importance of your privacy and are committed to treating it with the utmost respect. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information we gather, the reasons for its use, our sharing practices, and the protections we put in place for it. It also details the privacy tools available to you. As privacy laws evolve, we periodically update this Notice to comply with new regulations. Please note, this Privacy Policy does not constitute a legal agreement and does not create any legal rights or obligations.


Misaeng USA provides a comprehensive suite of services aimed at supporting every phase of your journey with homes, including the search, rental, purchase, sale, financing, and renovation stages.


Understanding that each home journey is unique, and choosing a place to call home is deeply personal, we offer extensive data on homes, neighborhoods, market trends, real estate professionals, and financing options. We utilize the information you share with us to deliver our services and assist you in finding your next home.


We are diligent in our use of data to ensure we're delivering value to you through our services. This page is designed to fully inform you about our privacy practices at Misaeng USA. For any queries not addressed here, feel free to reach out to us at


When we refer to “Misaeng USA”, “we”, “us”, or “our” in this Privacy Policy, we mean Misaeng USA. and its associated brands.


Our Services: The term “services” or “offerings” refers to our online websites, mobile applications, and other services under this Privacy Policy, operated by us, including:


  • Our main corporate websites linked to this Privacy Policy;
  • Tools for renters;
  • Services connecting you to lenders or real estate agents;
  • Additional services we may offer through our platforms and applications.


Exclusions from This Privacy Policy:


  • Business-oriented brands such as DotLoop which have their distinct Privacy Policy;
  • Information related to the United States Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), including specific financial privacy laws in the U.S.;
  • Services provided exclusively for our business partners;
  • Personal data handling for job applicants, employees, and other personnel within Misaeng USA.


Notices under the GLBA and related to financial privacy laws are provided separately for GLBA-governed services. For additional copies of a GLBA notice, please contact


  1. What Does Personal Data Mean?


In this Privacy Policy, the term “personal data” refers to any information that can identify, relate to, describe, potentially be connected with, or be used to indirectly or directly link to an individual or a household. This excludes any aggregated or anonymized data that cannot be used to identify or be linked to a specific individual.


  1. How Misaeng USA Gathers and Utilizes Personal Data


The nature of your interaction with us and the services you engage in dictate the personal data we gather, our methods of collection, and the ways in which we utilize it.


2-1. Data Collection as You Utilize Misaeng USA Services


Personal Data Accumulation


Like many online platforms, Misaeng USA, alongside our external service providers, automatically gathers specific personal data when you interact with our websites, mobile applications, and other digital services. This encompasses your activities such as property searches, views, transactions, clicks on our sites, and the duration spent on various sections of our sites.


In detail, we and our associated third parties employ tracking technologies to systematically gather information regarding your interactions and preferences, including commercial, internet, network, and device-specific data:


  • Details on service access: We track the origin website you visited before ours and the destination post-visit, the frequency of your service usage, email interactions like opening or clicking links, multi-device access, and other engagements within our services.
  • Usage specifics: This includes the webpages visited, clicked links, viewed and interacted ads, transactional data, and other similar activities.
  • Analytical insights: Data about your site or app navigation patterns, including clicks, mouse movements, form inputs, and other indicators to analyze site utility and areas for enhancement.
  • Cookies and tracking: Through cookies, pixel tags, and similar tools, we and our partners collect data during your site or app visits to understand your preferences, track trends, assess ad effectiveness, remember preferences, and facilitate regular content access. Our partners might also independently collect browser or device data for advertising and measurement using their cookies or similar tools, categorized as “Advertising Cookies,” with opt-out options available through the cookie preferences link on our sites.


This collected information aids in enhancing your user experience. For instance, we leverage this data to personalize your experience, enhance website and service functionality, and for internal analytical purposes. Additionally, it helps us in remembering user preferences, delivering tailored content, ensuring cross-device consistency, service optimization, analytics, diagnosing technical issues, preventing fraudulent activities, and overall service improvement.


We, along with our third-party collaborators, gather data via tracking technologies for targeted advertising purposes. For more details on our advertising techniques and how to manage your preferences regarding advertising, refer to the “Third-Party Tracking and Interest-Based Advertising” section.


2-2. Information You Provide or Generate Through Misaeng USA Services


Data Collection Process


As you engage with Misaeng USA's services, websites, or applications, we gather personal data directly from you. Additionally, we may receive personal data about you from our network of business partners, financial transaction processors, service facilitators, and other entities who gather data on our behalf. This may encompass:


  • Account Setup and Management Details: Upon registering for a service or creating a Misaeng USA profile, we collect identifiers such as usernames and passwords, along with unique identifiers we allocate to integrate data across our databases. This includes a record of your interactions, the nature and timing of account creation, service usage, communication history, and your digital engagement. This data aids in account administration, service provision, communication about your account and service usage, support services, and tailored notifications via email, push notifications, or text messages based on your preferences.
  • Customer Interaction Records: We document your personal and interaction details, including your name, email address, gender, date of birth, contact information, service inquiries, roommate preferences and the nature of your communications with us, which may include recorded calls where legally permissible.
  • Feedback Contributions: Should you offer feedback or reviews, we collect your contact details and any opinions or ratings you provide about our services or associated real estate professionals.
  • Queries and Communications: When you reach out to us or pose a question (for instance, through a web form), we gather your contact details, any account information you've provided previously, and any additional personal data you offer within your message. This information is utilized to address your queries, enhance service interaction, fulfill information requests, improve our offerings, and foster business growth. For business or partnership inquiries, we'll also gather professional details to facilitate communication and business development.
  • Newsletter and Email Communications: By signing up for our newsletters or email updates, you provide us with your email address, which we use to keep you informed about our services and updates, including promotional content. For information on opting out of marketing communications, refer to the “Managing Your Information with Misaeng USA” section.
  • Transaction Information: In relation to transactions with us, we and our third-party providers gather transaction details, including payments made through our platforms. While we use external payment services to process and secure payment data, such as credit card information, we do not retain this data ourselves.


It's important to note that while much of the personal data we collect comes directly from your interactions with us, we also integrate this with data obtained through our business partners, service providers, and other third parties to enhance our service offerings and for the purposes outlined more comprehensively throughout this Privacy Policy.


2-3. Additional Personal Data Collection by Misaeng USA


Beyond the personal data previously mentioned, Misaeng USA might gather further information as outlined below:


  • Affiliates: Information about you might be obtained through other Misaeng USA affiliated entities, brands, and companies within our corporate family. This is to ensure that any information you share with one entity can enhance the services and communication provided to you by Misaeng USA.
  • Business Collaborators: Our collaborators, including real estate agents, financial partners, construction companies, property management firms, and other professionals in real estate, might collect personal information as part of their services and share some or all of this data with us. For instance, we might receive details about your dealings with partners we've connected you with for our services.
  • Business Representatives: We collect professional personal data about individuals representing third-party businesses, like our clients and partners. This collection can include:
    • Contact Details: Names, email addresses, and phone numbers.
    • Professional Background: Job titles, roles, company details, professional history, and the nature of your association with us.
    • Financial and Tax Information: Personal tax IDs, bank details, and other financial data, especially relevant for individuals representing sole proprietorships or similar entities.
    • Inquiries and Feedback: Contents of communications with us, including emails, messages, and, where legally allowed, call recordings. This also covers feedback or survey responses about our services or partnerships.
  • Office and Event Visitors: We gather data on individuals visiting our offices or participating in our events, including:
    • Contact and Professional Details: Names, contact information, job titles, and company affiliations.
    • Visit Specifics: Reasons for visiting and any particular preferences or needs during the visit (like dietary restrictions).
    • Security Data: Government ID copies (such as driver’s licenses) and records of premises access, including system usage and visual recordings, where legally permitted.
  • Service Providers: Entities like payment processors and marketing agencies collect personal data, sharing part or all of this with us. For example, payment data confirms transactions for services rendered. This information aids in legal compliance, promotional offers identification, fraud prevention, and overall service enhancement.
  • Information Providers: Occasionally, we might seek out data from external information sources to update or augment the personal data we have. This could involve acquiring updated contact details to maintain our connection with you.
  • Public Sources: We might also source personal data from publicly accessible platforms, including social media or public records, to enrich our existing data. Such information assists in market analysis, identity verification, fraud prevention, and service improvement.


This detailed approach to data collection allows Misaeng USA to tailor and enhance the services offered, ensuring a more personalized and efficient experience for our users.


2-4.Other Uses of Personal Data


Beyond the previously mentioned purposes, Misaeng USA utilizes the personal data it collects for various additional objectives, including:


  • Streamlining Operational Activities: Aiding in your home search or facilitating connections with real estate professionals, lenders, landlords, or other specialists within the real estate sector.
  • Service Improvement and Development: Maintaining our current offerings, crafting new services, and enhancing existing ones.
  • Data Synthesis: Combining information received both directly from you and indirectly through third parties to better grasp individual requirements, allowing us to tailor our services and proposals to offer enhanced support to everyone.
  • Analytical Research: Conducting studies and analyses to better comprehend our clientele, which aids in the enhancement and expansion of our business, offerings, services, and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Support and Communication: Communicating with you for support purposes, including technical and administrative assistance.
  • Fraud and Crime Prevention: Taking actions to prevent, identify, and counteract fraudulent or illegal activities that threaten the integrity of personal data and our system services.
  • Dispute and Security Management: Addressing and resolving conflicts, safeguarding our operations, and enforcing our Terms of Service along with any other agreements.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Fulfilling our legal duties and responding to governmental inquiries as required.
  • Understanding Customer Preferences: Gaining insights into your preferences and interests to provide a more tailored home-search experience.
  • Personalization: Customizing your experience by offering educational materials and suggesting properties or services that may interest you, facilitating your search for a new home.
  • Legitimate Business Reasons: Employing personal data for any other lawful, legitimate business purposes as deemed necessary.


Misaeng USA is dedicated to using personal data responsibly to support and enhance the services provided to you, ensuring a personalized and efficient home-finding journey.


  1. Data Sharing Practices at Misaeng USA


Misaeng USA may share your personal data in the scenarios outlined below. For more information about how you can manage your data preferences, please refer to the "Managing Your Information with Misaeng USA" segment.


Here's how your personal data might be shared:


  • Within Misaeng USA: Our ability to deliver our products and services stems from the collaborative effort of the entire Misaeng USA team. Different entities within Misaeng USA may share your personal data with each other to ensure a cohesive experience throughout your home journey, aligning with the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy and relevant laws.
  • Business Partners: With your consent, we may pass on your personal data to our partners to enhance the services offered to you. For instance, upon your request, we can connect you with a real estate agent or mortgage lender.
  • Marketing Partners: We collaborate with and share your personal data with marketing partners, such as advertising networks and social media platforms, to inform you about our services and to market to you more effectively. We might also share aggregated demographic details with third parties interested in advertising on our platforms to help them understand their audience better, although this data won't specifically identify any individual.
  • Service Providers: Your information is shared with third-party vendors and service providers who assist us in our operations, including marketing, mailing, accounting, customer support, and fraud prevention, among others. These relationships are governed by strict confidentiality agreements, and these providers are not permitted to use your personal data for their own purposes.
  • Business Transactions: In the event of a merger, sale, restructuring, bankruptcy, or other corporate events, your personal data may be shared or transferred as part of the negotiation or the transaction itself.
  • Legal Obligations and Rights: Your personal data may be disclosed to third parties, like legal counsel and law enforcement, for reasons including but not limited to:
  • Legal claims, compliance, responses to legal processes,
  • Protection of our rights and property, as well as those of our agents and customers,
  • Fraud detection and prevention,
  • Debt collection, and
  • Ensuring the safety of individuals.


With Consent or Upon Your Direction: We might also share your personal data with other third parties or make it publicly available if you consent to such sharing or direct us to do so. For example, if you post a review or a comment on our website, social media, or mobile application, it could be visible to the public.


For policies specific to government and civil information requests, we have outlined procedures to manage and respond to such inquiries, ensuring compliance and protection of our users' privacy.


3-1. Sensitive Personal Information


Further Clarifications on Sensitive Personal Information


Misaeng USA gathers the following categories of personal data, which may be considered sensitive under specific legal frameworks:


  • Social Security, driver’s license, and passport numbers;
  • Details of credit/debit cards including the expiration date and CVV, along with bank account and routing numbers;
  • Usernames and passwords;
  • Exact location data.


Utilization of Sensitive Information


We utilize this sensitive data for objectives outlined in our detailed "Collection and Use of Personal Data" section within our Privacy Policy. This includes fulfilling contractual obligations with you, adhering to legal and regulatory mandates, safeguarding your or others' physical safety, or for other lawful internal purposes as permitted by law.


Restrictions on Sensitive Information


Misaeng USA does not engage in the sale of your sensitive information. Moreover, we refrain from processing or sharing such sensitive data for targeted advertising purposes.


  1. Managing Your Information with Misaeng USA


Access and Modification of Profile Data. You have the ability to view and modify your profile details, including username, password, gender, date of birth, address, and billing details, directly from your account settings. Additionally, you can adjust your preferences for how we share your data.


Opting Out of Promotional Messages. If you wish to opt-out of receiving marketing emails from us, simply follow the "unsubscribe" instructions in those emails. Although we process these requests quickly, you might still receive communications that are essential to our service, such as account verification and system updates.


Choices Regarding Advertising and Tracking. Misaeng USA engages in targeted advertising through the use of third-party services, which tailor advertisements based on your web activity. For detailed information on how we conduct targeted advertising and how you can make choices regarding this, refer to our section on "Third-Party Tracking and Interest-Based Advertising by Misaeng USA."


  1. Third-Party Tracking and Interest-Based Advertising by Misaeng USA


Misaeng USA engages in interest-based advertising, collaborating with external advertising entities to deliver ads tailored to your web browsing history. We allow external advertising networks, social media platforms, and other third-party services to gather details about your interactions with our digital properties over time. This enables them to present relevant advertisements across different websites, apps, and devices you might use. The collection of data for this purpose typically involves the use of tracking technologies like cookies, web beacons, and similar tools, capturing details such as your browsing patterns, device specifications, and geographical location.


We share identifiers, like email addresses or user IDs, in a secure format with our advertising partners to help link and identify your activities across various devices. This information is utilized to align advertisements more closely with your interests, enhance advertising effectiveness, and perform analytical assessments.


Furthermore, we facilitate a seamless experience across your devices by linking them. This means an advertisement you see on one device could influence related advertising on another device. By collaborating with partners who specialize in connecting multiple devices to single users or households through advanced technology, we aim to offer personalized advertising and content that enhances your overall user experience.


Misaeng USA also offers the convenience of using social media accounts for logging into our mobile applications. This process involves redirecting you to the social media's login page, where your credentials are used for authentication. While this grants us access to basic information like your name and email for identification purposes, it does not give us access to your full social media profile. This method aids in personalizing your experience across various devices by maintaining your preferences and streamlining certain processes, such as filling out forms with your information.


5-1. Managing Your Data Preferences with Misaeng USA


Misaeng USA respects your choices regarding the management of cookies and tracking technologies. Depending on your device or browser settings, you may have the ability to delete or be alerted about cookies, as well as limit interest-based advertising. This can typically be done through your device's settings, where you may opt to limit ad tracking on iOS devices or opt-out of interest-based ads on Android devices. It's important to remember that these preferences are specific to each browser and device, so changing devices or browsers, or resetting cookies, may require you to adjust your settings or opt-out preferences again.


5.2 External Links and Services on Misaeng USA Platforms


Misaeng USA's digital platforms may feature links to, or redirections towards, external websites, plugins, and applications, including various social media platforms for engagement purposes. It is also possible that third-party sites may refer to or provide links back to Misaeng USA's online services. Unless explicitly stated through direct linkage or specific mention within this Privacy Policy, the guidelines and protections offered by this Privacy Policy do not extend to, nor does Misaeng USA hold responsibility for, the handling of personal data by these external entities. We encourage you to consult the privacy documentation of these third parties to understand their handling of personal information.


6. Handling of Minors' Personal Information by Misaeng USA


Misaeng USA's websites and services are not designed for, nor do we knowingly collect information from, children under the age of 17. We ask that minors under the age of 17 not engage with our services or provide any personal information to us. Should a child under 17 inadvertently provide us with their personal information, we urge their parent or guardian to get in touch with us promptly so we can take steps to eliminate such information from our database. In the event that we become aware of personal information collected from a child under 17, we will take swift action to delete this information from our records.


6-1. Minors' Privacy Protection at Misaeng USA


At Misaeng USA, we do not engage in the sale of personal data belonging to individuals we are aware are under the age of 17, unless we receive affirmative consent, also known as the "Right to Opt In," from either the minor aged between 13 and 16 or from the parent or legal guardian of a minor under 17 years of age.


If you are under 17 years old and wish to have your name or comments removed from our website or publicly displayed content, please reach out to us directly at Please note that in some situations, we may not be able to modify or delete your information.


If you would like to submit a privacy request on behalf of your minor child, in accordance with applicable jurisdictional laws, you must provide enough information for us to reasonably confirm that your child is the individual for whom we have collected personal data, and that you have the authority to make the request on your child's behalf (such as being the legal guardian or authorized representative of the child).


7. Localized Privacy Information for Misaeng USA


Misaeng USA may be obligated to furnish distinct or supplementary details concerning our handling of personal data for individuals residing in specific countries, regions, or U.S. states, as mandated by law. For information pertinent to your location, refer to the following:


For individuals residing in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, or Virginia within the United States, additional privacy information tailored to your state's regulations is available further in this document.


Residents of Nevada, as per Chapter 603A of the Nevada Revised Statutes, have the right to opt out from the future sale of certain personal information collected by website operators. Should you wish to exercise this right, please reach out to us at


7-1. Privacy Information for Residents of Certain U.S. States


This section offers further details on how Misaeng USA handles personal data, specifically tailored for residents of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia. This supplements the information provided earlier. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, definitions used in our main Privacy Policy apply here as well.


7-2. California-Specific Disclosures at Misaeng USA


The following disclosures pertain exclusively to residents of the State of California.


Categories of Personal Data under California Law


California law mandates that we provide disclosures concerning the types of personal data we collect based on the enumerated categories set forth within California law. To fulfill this requirement, we have associated the relevant enumerated California personal data categories with the personal data, sources, and purposes detailed in the "How Misaeng USA Gathers and Utilizes Personal Data" section:


  • Identifiers, which include Account Registration and Profile Information, details related to your feedback, inquiries, and communications, credit and identity information for identification purposes, full name, and government identification number (e.g., Social Security number, passport number, and driver's license number).
  • Customer Records, encompassing Account Registration and Profile Information, Security/Authentication Information, and Payment Information.
  • Protected Classification Characteristics, comprising age, date of birth, gender, and sex.
  • Commercial Information, covering Account Registration and Profile Information related to your purchases, Profile Information linked to your transactions, preferences, and interests, and Feedback Information.
  • Internet/Network Information, including data on how you access and use our services, Log Data, and Analytics Data.
  • Geolocation Data, encompassing general geographic location or more precise location with your consent or as permitted by law.
  • Sensory Information, potentially involving recordings of phone calls between us and individuals, and image and video recordings of visitors to our offices or events, in accordance with applicable law.
  • Profession/Employment Information, which includes information about the business or organization you represent, your title within that entity, and details regarding your role with the organization.
  • Sensitive Information, which encompasses Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, passport numbers, credit/debit card numbers along with expiration dates and security codes (CVV), financial account numbers and routing numbers, usernames and passwords, and precise geolocation.
  • Other Personal Data, including any information you provide in connection with signing up for email communications, reviews and comments, surveys, personal data you permit us to access when interacting with us through social media, and personal data you provide us concerning questions, requests, inquiries, surveys, contests, or promotions.
  • Inferences, which consist of our predictions regarding interests and preferences and related Service Profile Information.


We collect this data from various sources, including direct input from you, business partners, affiliates, your browser or device when using our mobile app(s) or Services, and third parties authorized to share information with us. Further details on the sources of personal data we collect can be found in the "How Misaeng USA Gathers and Utilizes Personal Data" section of our Privacy Policy. We disclose all these categories of personal data for business purposes to service providers or other third parties as directed by the consumer, as outlined in the "Data Sharing Practices at Misaeng USA" section of our Privacy Policy.


Retention of Personal Data


We make every effort to retain your personal data only for as long as reasonably necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. However, in certain cases, we may need to retain your personal data for extended periods until specific retention periods and deadlines mandated by legal, tax, and/or accounting requirements set by government authorities expire.


Our determination of the appropriate duration for retaining personal data takes into account factors such as the quantity, nature, and sensitivity of the personal data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure, alternative means of achieving our objectives, and legal, regulatory, tax, accounting, and other applicable obligations.


As a result, we retain personal data for as long as you use our services for the purposes explained in our Privacy Policy, including maintaining a user account. When you cease using our services, we will retain your personal data for as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations, settle disputes, defend against claims, and for additional purposes based on your preferences, such as receiving marketing communications.


Once the retention of your personal data is no longer required for the purposes stated above, we will either delete or de-identify the personal data. If deletion or de-identification is not possible due to factors like personal data being stored in backup archives, we will securely store your personal data and restrict it from further processing until deletion or de-identification becomes feasible.


"Shine the Light" Disclosures


The California "Shine the Light" law grants California residents the right, under specific circumstances, to request information from us regarding how we share certain categories of personal information (as defined in the Shine the Light law) with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To opt out of such sharing, please send an email to


8. Updates of Misaeng USA's Privacy Policy


Misaeng USA periodically revises its Privacy Policy to reflect changes and updates in its practices. Whenever such revisions are made, the "Last Updated" date at the top of the Privacy Policy will be amended to reflect the update. Should there be significant modifications to the Privacy Policy, Misaeng USA will ensure to communicate these changes to you. Such revisions become applicable from the date they are published, unless stated differently within the notice provided.


9. Reach Out to Misaeng USA


Should you have any inquiries or require assistance related to this Privacy Policy or matters of privacy, please feel free to contact us via email at


For direct correspondence, you may also send your inquiries to:


Suite 402, 47, Gangnam-daero 2-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


10. Handling De-identified Data


Misaeng USA occasionally processes personal data to generate de-identified data, which is then incapable of revealing or being associated with any specific individual or household. We commit to handling this de-identified data strictly in its anonymized form and will avoid any attempts to re-associate the data with individuals unless legally obligated or allowed.


11. The Right to Understand Your Data You have the right to confirm if Misaeng USA is processing your data and, where the law applies, you can request details such as:


  • Types of personal data gathered
  • Sources from where the data is collected
  • Purposes for data collection
  • Details of third parties to whom the data is disclosed
  • Information on data shared for behavioral advertising
  • Categories of third parties who have purchased the data


The Right to Access & Move Your Data You can access your personal data that Misaeng USA holds and, if legally permissible, you can get it in a portable format to transfer to another entity.


The Right to Rectify Your Data You can rectify any inaccuracies in your personal data considering the nature and purpose of the data.


The Right to Erase Your Data You have the authority to request that Misaeng USA delete your data from our records.


The Right to Reject Data Sales or Sharing You can instruct Misaeng USA not to sell or share your data for advertising that tracks you across different services and targeted advertising.


California’s Shine the Light For California residents with an established business relationship with Misaeng USA, you have the right to know how your personal data is shared with third parties for direct marketing or to opt out of such sharing as per California’s "Shine the Light" law.


Non-Discrimination for Exercising Your Rights Depending on where you live, you are entitled to equal service and price, regardless of whether you exercise your privacy rights, although differences may be justified based on the rights' impact on the service.


These choices can affect the pricing and quality of the services provided to you if the differences are directly related to the value of your data.


12. Submitting Privacy Rights Requests at Misaeng USA


To ensure the security of your data, we may need to verify your identity before processing your request. To do this, you'll need to log in to your Misaeng USA account. In cases where you can't log in or don't have an account, we'll make every effort to assist you, although we may not be able to connect you to your personal data within our systems. If we encounter circumstances where we can't verify your identity or locate your information, we may have to decline your request to exercise the aforementioned rights. Be assured that any personal data provided in association with a Rights Request will only be used for the purpose of reviewing and complying with the request.


Exercising Your Right to Opt-Out of Personal Data Sales or Sharing for Targeted Advertising.


Unless you've opted out, we may share your personal data with third parties, allowing them to use this information in line with their own privacy policies. In some states, sharing personal data for online advertising purposes can be considered a "sale of personal data" or "sharing for targeted advertising."


At Misaeng USA, we permit certain companies to use tracking technologies like cookies and pixels on our platforms. These technologies enable these companies to gather data about your interactions with Misaeng USA, which they may use to provide you with more relevant ads on our site or other platforms. Apart from this kind of sharing, Misaeng USA does not sell your personal data to third parties. You always have control over these technologies on your devices. You can use our cookie preference tools to manage the types of cookies and tracking technologies you're comfortable with. Additionally, you have the option to disable cookies altogether through your browser settings. However, keep in mind that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of our services.


You don't need to create an account with us to exercise your Right to Opt-Out. Nevertheless, we might request additional personal data to accurately identify you and track compliance with your opt-out request. This additional information will only be used to process and comply with your request. If you choose not to provide this data, we will process your request to the extent possible based on our ability to identify you in our systems.


To exercise your Right to Opt-Out of Personal Information Sales or Sharing, you can contact us via email at, providing sufficient information to confirm your identity and specify your request.


12-1. Submitting Authorized Agent Requests at Misaeng USA


Under specific circumstances and as permitted by law, you have the option to utilize an authorized agent to submit requests on your behalf, following the prescribed methods outlined above. We will require the means to verify the authorized agent's authorization to act on your behalf. Typically, this verification involves providing either:


  • A valid power of attorney.
  • A signed letter that includes your name, contact information, the authorized agent's name and contact information, and an explicit statement granting authorization for the request.


Depending on the evidence furnished and your state of residence, we may still need to reach out to you separately to confirm that the authorized agent has the necessary permission to act on your behalf and to verify your identity in connection with the request.


12-2. Appealing Privacy Rights Determinations at Misaeng USA


Subject to the laws applicable in your state of residence, you may have the option to challenge a decision we have rendered regarding your privacy rights request. To initiate an appeal, please send an email to